Industrial Lasers

We can help you choose the laser and assist gases and supply solutions that best fit your laser cutting needs.

Expanding the profitability and lifetime of your expensive laser cutting equipment.

Laser manufacturers and users agree that the quality of the gases used in laser applications is of vital importance. PurityPlus® Specialty Gases by Weldstar Laser Gases meet or exceed defined standards for better performance and longer life spans for your laser equipment. The benefits of using quality gases include extended life for consumables and optics, improving laser performance and lowering operating cost.

Laser Resonator Gases

Weldstar produces a complete line of Laser Resonator Gases. Available as individual pure gases or mixtures of Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Helium, and Nitrogen.

Assist Gases

Weldstar Assist Gases offer high quality, high purity gases. Typical Applications:
Carbon and low alloy steels – oxygen or nitrogen (high pressure)
Stainless steels, aluminium & alloys – nitrogen (high pressure)
Magnesium, titanium & other reactive materials – argon (high pressure)

Laser Welding Gases

Weldstar Offers a line of Laser Welding Shielding Gases that include:
Argon, Helium, CO2, Oxygen Free Nitrogen or a mixture of these gases

For all your Laser gas needs, look to PurityPlus® Specialty Gases by Weldstar as your only laser gas and equipment supplier with personnel who have the knowledge to help design and install a complete turnkey system for all your laser cutting or welding processes.

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