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Our specialty gases meet the most stringent standards for quality.

PurityPlus® Specialty Gases by Weldstar specialty gases meet the most stringent standards for quality. Our Independently Audited and Certified production laboratories use high accuracy scales combined with the state of the art cylinder preparation techniques to ensure the most accurate and stable mixtures in the industry. We employ the most sensitive instrumentation and certified reference gases to analyze all of the raw materials used the manufacture of our mixed gases.

Primary Standard Grade

Precisely blended mixtures using the most advanced gravimetric techniques, resulting in the highest accuracy of gas mixtures available. These standards are analyzed against known linear NIST traceable Standards for verification of specified concentrations.

Certified Standard Grade

Calibration gases prepared by automated filling operations, using gravimetric or partial pressure methods. They are then batch analyzed against primary reference standards.

Custom Standards

Mixtures prepared to the blend tolerance and analytical tolerances requested.

EPA Protocol Gases

High accuracy mixtures used for the calibration of emission monitoring equipment. These mixtures are manufactured to stringent EPA specifications and procedures to maximize stability and shelf life.

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